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Service & Repair


Industrial facilities cannot afford to have refrigeration or HVAC disruptions. IR Pros specializes in helping keep your systems working properly and we are available 24/7/365. If you are a food/beverage processor or a cold storage/pharmaceutical/military facility you cannot risk lost production time or product loss.

Give us a call today and let our certified technicians stop by and give your system a once over. So whether you are looking for a one time checkup or you want monthly service, we can be there to accommodate your needs and to help keep your system up and running for years to come.

We offer a comprehensive service and repair program to provide reliable refrigeration / mechanical system operations to our customers . Today we work with clients to make critical decisions about repairing versus replacing aging equipment. We provide options for new technology that is significantly more energy efficient, delivers higher reliability and reduces environmental pollutants. Some of the most common services we provide include:

Service, Maintenance &Amp; Repair Of Refrigeration And Hvac Systems

Compressor Rebuild Services

We are proud to offer rebuild services on all makes and models of screw compressor. We are staffed and equipped to provide this service either in the field or in our rebuild shop.

We offer full rebuilding, resurfacing, and machining of twin and single screw, rotary vane, and reciprocating compressors as well as pumps. With 50+ years of rebuild experience on a variety of makes including Frick, Howden, FES/GEA, Vilter, Mycom, Ro-Flo and more.

Pump Out Unit

Our in-house designed/built “Pump-Out Unit” is an invaluable tool when it comes to making changes to the high-pressure side of an ammonia system. In the past, it was acceptable to simply valve off a section of piping, then bleed off the ammonia to the atmosphere or suitable water basin. Concerns from environmental agencies, such as the EPA and OSHA, have made it desirable to refrain from releasing refrigerant to the atmosphere or to local wastewater facilities. Evacuating the high side in this manner is also usually a time-consuming process which hinders progress in the limited tie-in window available.

The self-contained mobile Pump-Out Unit enables us to safely evacuate the ammonia from the high side of a system, make the necessary changes, and return the recovered refrigerant to the system with no losses. All this in a fraction of the time as conventional methods.


Mechanical Integrity Audits
P&ID Development and Updates
Block Flow Diagram Development
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and Relief Vent Calculations/Analysis
Ammonia Inventory Calculations
Value Tag System Development and Instruction
Line Label Installation per IIAR Bulletin 114
Equipment Identification Labeling per IIAR Bulletin 114
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development
Completion of IIAR Bulletin 109

Ammonia System Portable Dehydrator

Refrigeration systems lose efficiency when contaminated with air and other non-condensable gases. Liquid contaminants can wreak havoc on efficiency as well. Water, oil, glycol, etc. is often inadvertently introduced to the system. These liquid contaminants become entrained in the ammonia and are pumped throughout the system, consuming horsepower but providing no refrigeration effect. This loss of refrigeration effect at the evaporator drastically reduces the tonnage of the system’s evaporators. To combat this problem, we offer rental of these devices for periodic removal of liquid contaminants from industrial ammonia systems.

Preventative, Routine or Emergency Maintenance

As a RETA member our technicians are CIRO and CARO trained and certified. We are skilled to handle service and maintenance on:

Ammonia refrigeration systems
Process refrigeration systems
CO2 trans critical and cascade systems
Commercial HVAC
Commercial refrigeration systems
Complete rebuilding services, in house and on site

Other Key Services

System Commissioning and Start-Up
Oil Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Facility Automation Systems & Controls
Cooling Towers
Infrared Thermography