Simmons, Benton County, Arkansas


Benton County, AR
375,000 SQ FT


Design & Build
Ammonia Refrigeration System

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August 2019

Baker Refrigeration Systems, Inc. was contracted to design and install the ammonia refrigeration system for a new green field poultry processing plant in Benton County, AR. The system consists of over 4,300 tons of refrigeration capacity. VSD compressors were used on each of the (3) suctions for energy savings. Some of the features include a glycol compressor oil cooling system for heating process hot water utilizing the compressor waste heat and a 320,600 gallon cold water storage tank for holding 38F water for bird chiller filling. A custom refrigeration control system allows the system to maximize efficiency by constantly monitoring load requirements and adjusting evaporator, compressor and condenser capacities which all employ VSD technology